High Performance Training Centre

The CN Curling Club is proud to be the host of the CURLSASK 2017 High Performance Centre. The purpose is to help give elite curlers in the province a head start as we head into this upcoming Olympic year.

Steve Laycock

Being the host rink meant that we had to install ice in August. This is something that has never been done here before. Although it wasn’t without some challenges, we were able to get 4 sheets of ice up and running with the first rock being thrown by Team Laycock on August 13th.

One question that we get asked is “Why only 4 sheets”? Making curling ice in the summer is no easy task and can put a strain on any ice plant. Our new ice plant was just a bit too small to support 5 sheets of ice in August. Through some creative problem solving, we were able to work with our refrigeration company to figure out a way to “shut off” the 5th sheet. This way we could comfortably handle ice in August. Later in September, we will turn on the 5th sheet and have all five sheets of ice ready to go when our season starts on Sept 29th.

When we were asked to be the home for the High Performance Centre, we were right in the middle of our brine line repairs. As many of you know, we had some difficulty with our ice consistency last season. It turns out that we had obstructions in all of our brine lines. This was

Matt Dunstone from Team Laycock

from years of our old iron chillers slowly wearing out. The timing couldn’t have been any better. After fully flushing out all of our lines we were able to put in our valve to shut off the fifth sheet (no easy task when your all the pipes are filled with brine). We also installed a Reverse Return Header. This will help to ensure we have a constant, consistent flow of brine on all 5 of our sheets.

We were excited at this opportunity to be the first High Performance Centre in Saskatchewan as well as seeing how are brine lines would perform. We’re proud of the outcome.

Anyone interested in booking ice for practice can contact us at gmcncc@shaw.ca  Cost for curlers not in the program is $10 per person, per hour.