Current League Leaderboard
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League Team Points
Sun 10:00 am (ANAVET)K. Stewart16
Sun 1:00 pm (Dry Ice)Bembridge14
Sun 6:30 pm (Medical)Taylor12
Mon 6:30 pmLoustel21
Tue 10:00 amOpheim17
Tue 1:00 pmDale16
Tue 6:30 pmGroff19
Wed 6:30 pmKemp19
Wed 8:40 pmSherban19
Thu 10:00 amC Reimer21
Thu 1:00 pmStephens16
Thu 6:30 pmZoerb17
Fri 6:30 pmDudar16
Just Thru16
Fri 8:40 pmMajor16

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