Current League Leaderboard
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League Team Points
Sun 10:00 am (A.N.A.F.)M. Bourget40
Sun 1:00 pm (Dry Ice)Klassen38
Mon 6:30 pm (Ladies)Fenwick56
Tue 10:00 am (Breakfast)Opheim62
Tue 1:00 pm (Afternoon)Kitz60
Tue 6:30 pm (Mens)Mapes63
Wed 6:30 pm (Mixed)Gaudet60
Wed 8:40 pm (Wed Open)Batty61
Thu 10:00 am (Breakfast)Brooks67
Thu 1:00 pm (Afternoon)Kitz60
Thu 6:20 pm (Evening)Finlayson52
Fri 6:30 pm (Evening)Kelly46
Fri 8:40 pm (Late)Major42

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