History of the CNCC

CN Rail and its employees gave birth to the CN Curling Club on December 29, 1939.
Its home, near the rail yard and located in the centre of the city, was constructed from three
condemned box cars.
From its humble beginning as a 3 sheet outdoor rink, it took 9 long years before the addition of sewer,
water and a kitchen became a reality. As the club turned 18, it grew to four sheets, and on its 19th
birthday celebrated with the addition of artificial ice. 
As the CN rail yard relocated from the city centre, so followed the Curling Club. 
Constructed on land donated by the Montgomery Place neighbourhood to be used for community
recreational purposes, the current 5 sheet facility in the city’s west end officially opened in the fall of
Being the sole club in the West of the city, we are a strong supporter not only of our own
neighbourhood schools Ride to Curl programs, but also those of many other schools in the city’s west
side.  We are very proud of our afternoon Junior learn to curl program, and our morning Senior curling